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Oakland University

2003 Projects

Advisor: Dr. Mili
Cognitive models are created with low level cognitive architectures. These low level architectures often create lengthy models. It would be of great benefit to be able to reuse existing models by composing existing simple models together to create a more complex model. Our project involves creating an algebra to combine models in a parallel fashion.
Advisor: Dr. Debnath
Symmetry detection procedures have applications in circuit verification, technology mapping, and BDD construction. The objective of our project is to develop software tools for symmetry detection of complex logic functions; we are especially interested in functions for which conventional methods are not applicable.
Advisor: Dr. Li
In medical image analysis, multiple images may want to be overlaid. This requires that the individual images line up. An improvement in computational speed would be to combine the segmentation and registration so that they can be done at the same time instead of sequentially.
Advisor: Dr. Sethi
The goal of this project is to experiment with existing methods to identify the gender of the speaker of a recorded telephone quality speech. The project is part of a voice stream analysis system that automatically selects the most appropriate speaker model for speech to text conversion.
Advisor: Dr. Sethi
The project is a continuation of the 'Perceptual Vector Quantization of Binary Image Blocks' project. The ideas from the previous summer will be extended and used in Content Based Image Retrieval.