Finding Symmetry in Boolean Functions


A logic function f(x1,...,xn) is said to be symmetric with respect to variables xi and xj, if swapping xi and xj does not change the function. Symmetry detection procedures have applications in circuit verification, technology mapping, and BDD construction. The objective of our project is to develop software tools for symmetry detection of complex logic functions; we are especially interested in functions for which conventional methods are not applicable. Here's a little bit about ourselves:

Stacey Balamucki:

Stacey is a junior at Lake Superior State University majoring in computer engineering. In her free time she enjoys sports,such as basketball and volleyball, reading books, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Academically, she enjoys the digital aspects of computers and hardware. She has previously worked in the research areas of solar power and CATIA/Delmia, a new CAD package.

Dan Steffy:

Dan is a senior at Oakland University majoring in Mathematics. In his free time Dan studies jazz on the double bass and enjoys music, film, and computer games. His primary areas of academic interest include Discrete Optimization, Graph Theory, and Operations Research. His previous research experience includes working with a team of Oakland University students and faculty to develop a scheduling algorithm for an international competition.

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