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Name: Thuy Pham
School: University Of Connecticut, Storrs
Education : Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Dec 2007
Standing: Senior
Email: thuyminhpham@gmail.com
Additional Info:

I am Vietamese and I came to US when I was 12.  I had a very hard time learning a totally new language. Nevertheless, it is great to be able to speak two languages...that is a beauty that I will always embrace.

My first major was Computer Science, I switched my major right after the first day of my first year because I learned that Computer Science major is not only logging on the computer, typing words in Microself, and chatting. Therefore, I picked Management Information System for my major, and I realized it is not meant to be my life-time career simply because I do not enjoy doing business. Since I have always loved math and fascinated with biology, I decide to learn something that integrates both math and biology. After spending time doing some research, I decided this is what I want to do in the future, help to impact lives of others using my math and biological knowledge. Here, I am, a senior in Biomedical Engineering.

Technical Skills :
- Ulead PhotoImpact, VideoImpact; Abobe PhotoShop; Macromedia Dreamweaver & Flash.
- C++, Matlab, LabVIEW, PSpice.

- Graphic & Webpage designing
- Drawing & Sketching random stuffs
- Badminton & volleyball
- Movies & shopping (of course ^_^)
- Reading books that I love (not often)
- Cooking, only when I wanted to, but cooking is nice anyway =)

- Traveling: places I have been to: CA, MA, NY, CT, MI. Targets: FL, TX, Canada, HongKong, Japan, etc.




Diana Serafimovska :Name
Oakland University :School
Math & Science :Major
Junior :Standing
dserafim@oakland.edu :Email
:Additional Info

I have always had an interest in the math and science fields because I am fascinated with problem solving and applying it into real world situations.  I am open to learning and understanding the engineering field and have used the Undergraduate Computer Research Program at Oakland University as guidance towards what exact engineering field I may want to pursue.  I have already completed the basic engineering prerequisite math, chemistry, and physics classes and plan to take more in depth professional engineering classes after my completion with the UnCoRe program.

Playing the piano -
Dancing -
Going out with friends -
Traveling -
Shopping & movies -





Topic: Virtual Nursing Simulator With Haptic Force-Feedback for Oral Hygiene
Advisor: Dr. Elhajj

With this research, we are designing a virtual environmental application for educational training purposes. Nurses and nursing students' performances in oral-hygiene in nursing home are inadequate due to the displeasure with the nature of the task. Our goal is to provide the students the skills in proper oral hygiene by reducing their hestiation. Through their performance, users can:

- Control the movement of the Phantom Omni stylus, which is synchronized with the stimulating virtual toothbrush that is visualized on the computer monitor screen.
- Brush the 3D model of the mouth and feel as if they are actually brushing someone's teeth.

The force feedback that outputs from the haptic device is very precise and accurate while providing users a real sense of touch in a patient's mouth and responsive pressures a patient may exert. Our application also computes and calculates the accuracy of the oral-hygiene performance done by users, and provides users an assessment form at the end of their tasks.


Pics and Demo:

Phamtom Omni

So far, we are able to rendering 3D graphics.
The toothbrush can touch the surface of a bear at single point.

Most of the works are done using OpenGL, a low-level graphics library specification. OpenGL APOI designed for use with the C and C++ programming language. To operate the Phamtom Omni, we use Sensable Technology haptic utilities, Haptic Library API (HLAPI)and Haptic Device API (HDAPI). HLAPI and HDAPI allow for custom effects, by adding and modifying forces to be sent to the haptic devices. GLUT is used to draw, change lights, colors and coordinates of the virtual objects.

To enhance the realism, additional features might be included in our application:

- Voice instructions
- Deformation of soft tissues, such as gum and tongue.
- Bleeding effects of gum.
- Spontaneous responses of person object: scream, cough, open/close jaw, etc.





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